Doll's Regency Dress ePatternI’ve created separate ePatterns for each era for your dolls, in addition to the printed paper pattern. You can use the individual buttons or purchase the entire collection as a bundle. Note that there is a discount if you purchase the bundle with all ePatterns included. The nice thing about the doll-sized ePatterns is that the pieces fit perfectly onto printer pages. There are only a couple of pieces in the entire collection that have to be taped together, making this an easy project for a young seamstress!

This ePattern is for the Doll’s Regency Dress only and will make dresses with both long and short sleeves. It’s fun to make matching “mommy” and “dolly” dresses, too! Fits all 18″ soft-bodied dolls, like the American Girls, Magic Attic, and more.

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  1. Are doll clothes harder than regular clothing? It would seem like they would be since they are smaller, but I wanted to know for sure. Thank you!

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