A Regency Proposal | Sense & Sensibility Patterns


A Regency Proposal | Sense & Sensibility Patterns

A Regency Proposal | Sense & Sensibility Patterns

These are photos of my fiance’, Aaron, and me, directly after he proposed to me in front of hundreds of people at the opening ceremony of the Fort Massac Annual Encampment in Southern Illinois.  It was a glorious, wonderful surprise.  So romantic!  And, as you can see, I am wearing my drawstring dress made with your pattern. 🙂

That dress, as well as the chemise and stays, was my first real attempt at sewing.  Although I did the majority of the sewing, it was with the irreplaceable help and patience of an excellent seamstress and friend, Myrna. I love your patterns. I’ll be using them for my wedding dress and for my flower girl’s dress; one of my two maids of honor will be wearing this dress.  I can’t wait!

Thank you for making them available!

God bless you and your family,
Sarah F.

This story brought back wonderful memories, as my husband also proposed to me while we were both dressed in full costume–American Civil War Era. Could anything be quite so romantic and fun? Congratulations to Sarah and Aaron–you are off to a wonderful start! Sarah’s beautiful dress was made from the drawstring dress option in my Elegant Lady’s Closet pattern. Bravo!

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