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Hold on to your hats! This is one of the best mother of the bride stories I’ve ever gotten! This is one amazing mama!

Hello Jennie, I am so pleased with the outcome of my boned bodice petticoat and my gown of dupioni silk that I have made as the Mother of the Bride gown for my daughter’s ‘PnP’ Christmas wedding. Your instructions are wonderful and your fit is true to a real body and the actual measurements. Thanks for helping make her special day even more special! Included are pics of the petticoat. I followed your superb instructions and it really ‘works’ to give me an accurate ‘look’… It looks much better on the dummy! I put a piece of upholstery piping in the hem for some soft hoop effect. My friend was a costume designer for a local college. She is a sleeve genius. Here is her design for my gown. Your patterns have helped me immensely to create her vision. She made the sleeve pattern so that when made on the bias the front of the sleeve would be in a chevron and the showy six button placket would have ‘snob appeal.’ The fabric is a rayon ‘silk’ dupioni that I got for $7/ yd! I made the Spencer vest of black velvet. The lapel has black lace beaded with black diamond Swarovski crystal. I wanted to share some pics of the wonderful outcome of your patterns for my gown. The full view is my sister buttoning me into the gown. Nice line, eh? The little velvet jacket took me days to bead the lapels with black diamond Swarovski crystal and black pearls. I added an extra wedge of fabric in the skirt of the gown and a little peplum on the back of the jacket. I made the flower girl gown using your excellent pattern. I made it rather big, put 3 1″ tucks in the hem for the future. I put a drawstring in the neck and waist for an adjustable fit. It also has hand appliqued lace with jet Swarovski crystal. The little girl danced around and around when she tried it on. It fit perfectly, thanks to you! ~ Jo J.

Bravo! Bravo! Thanks for sharing, Jo!

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