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I ordered your Regency pattern last Spring to make my daughter’s Prom dress, and sent an appeal for help in making a split overskirt. Well, it’s taken me MONTHS to send pictures, but the dress itself only took a few days! I’ve only been sewing for a little over a year, and even for me, the pattern was so easy – I kept waiting for the hard part. Anyway, I ordered organdy online (that was the only hard part – nobody sells organdy anymore). The underskirt is white organdy, and the bodice and split overskirt are cream-colored organdy which is wool crewel-embroidered in the same color cream. I used cream-colored scalloped trim for the sleeve edging and all the hems, including up the front of the overskirt. At the waistline, I sewed on a sash made of off-white ribbon with green, gold, and red flowers, and when the dress was done, my daughter hand-sewed tiny red cut-glass antique beads all over it. We had a little crisis when the dress was first assembled, because my daughter thought the fullness in back made her look chunky (?!), so I had to improvise. To hold down some of the fullness, I sewed 5 horizontal seams starting about an inch down from the rear waistline. Then I gathered and tacked all the folds together around hip-level, and sewed more of the flowered ribbon from the waistline to the point where the folds were gathered. We topped it all with a brooch we found that matched her necklace. She ended up loving the whole effect.

Amanda found ballet slippers with tiny heels, and we sewed red velvet ribbons on them instead of the normal pink satin ones, and with antique-looking jewelry and an elaborate hairstyle (she studied photos from “Pride and Prejudice” for inspiration, and did her hair herself), she looked amazing. She was sooooo happy the next day – said she was the only girl there who wasn’t wearing a typical Prom dress, and EVERYONE came up to her and said she looked incredible. Oh, and when she posted the pictures online, one of her friends said I was her idol! Yeay! Let everybody know that I’d only been sewing for a couple of years when I made this gown – that’s how easy your pattern is! You’re amazing!Anyway, thanks for the fabulous pattern, and I would recommend it to anyone! ~ Nancy H.

What a Mom! Isn’t this a fabulously delicious gown? I’ve got more pictures from Nancy of the next stunner she created for her daughter–lucky girl! Check the next post for the forest green 1910s Tea Gown she made!

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