Regency Graduation Dress


This is me in the gown my Gramma and I made this March. We used cream colored eyelet, with darkish pink for the lining. It was fun and simple to put together! These pictures are from my eighth grade “graduation” ceremony. A couple of girls came up to me after the ceremony and told me they loved my dress, and they were surprised when I said that my Gramma and I had made it! Thank you bunches! I can’t wait to make the 1914 dress (I got it for Christmas 2007).

Yours truly and sincerely in Christ,

P.S. I also made a chemise. I don’t always wear it under the gown; I sleep in it!

White empire gowns are always elegant for a graduation or any other special ceremony. And I sleep in my chemise, too! It’s the most comfortable nightgown ever!

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