I bought the pattern for the Girl’s Regency Dress a few years ago, intending to make it for my daughter. I had never sewn a dress before, but since it was labeled for a beginner, I thought I would give it a try. Well, it took me three years to get started, and, fortunately, my daughter is on the slim side, as she turned 11 this year and the pattern is for sizes 1-10! I only had to add length to the skirt.

I forgot to tie on the 1.5 inch-wide brown satin sash before taking the photos, but she likes it better without it anyway.

And there is good news: last year I finally had a second baby girl, so I will be able to re-use the pattern for a long time!


This is such beautiful work, isn’t it? I always love hearing from beginners who have had sewing success with my patterns! That beautiful brown print is so perfect. Lovely, lovely work, Nadja!

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  1. Congrats on the baby , I hope she loves the Regency Era also . You did a wonderful job and the cloth is beautiful . It’s a good thing your daughter still fits.

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