I made a Regency day dress using the Sense and Sensibility Regency Gown Pattern. I used reproduction material that I had purchased at a Jane Austen festival at Locust Grove in Louisville. I made this dress in 2012 and the only alteration I remember making is I did raise the neckline.

I work at a historic house, McDowell House Museum in Danville, Kentucky, that focuses on the early 1800s. We do not usually wear historic clothes (and are never required to), but I have used the dress about three times for work. These are pictures that we took in our museum gardens when a coworker and I got dressed up to be in the 2013 Great American Brass Band Parade. I got the bonnet off of Etsy (Matti’s Millinery).

~ Lauren C.

Nicely done, Lauren! It really does kick things up a notch when folks who work in historical houses dress the part. I always love to see it! The bonnet is stunning as well. 🙂

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  1. Thanks Jennie!,

    If you ever happen to come to central Kentucky it’d be awesome to take you on a tour!


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