Kate made this fantastic fairy costume and writes,

I’ve always loved looking at the ‘Show and Tell’ section of your website, so I thought I might share these pictures of my somewhat unusual (and non-historical) use of your Regency gown pattern! I was recently invited to a hen night (I think the US equivalent is something between a bridal shower and a bachelorette party), which was to have a fairy theme. Fairy costumes were encouraged… I didn’t have a lot of time and knew that your pattern gives great results and is easy to use, so I set to work, and here is the result. I used a green silk dupion shot with purple for the main dress, using the lining pattern for the skirt. For the sleeves and overskirt (using the main skirt pattern) I used a purple organza –sadly a horrible synthetic fibre, but the idea behind making the main dress silk was that I could one day remove the sleeves and overskirt and convert it back into something a little more authentic. I didn’t use your sleeve pattern, because I wanted a wider cuff ­ I actually used the sleeve pattern from the Retro Simplicity Titanic ‘Flying’ Dress pattern, because it was kind of the right shape. I trimmed the cuff and hem with a ready-made purple and rhinestone trim, and glued tiny purple and green stars onto the overskirt. At the back I attached purple satin buttons and a pair of glittery purple wings that I bought locally (fairies are very big with little girls in England at the moment, I don’t know if it’s the same over there!). Anyway, my apologies for defiling your pattern in this way, but everyone at the party was very impressed with my outfit and I was the runner-up in the ‘best fairy’ contest. With best wishes, Kate C.

Who says you have to follow the “rules?” What a fun use of my pattern!

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