Alicia’s Regency Play Costumes


Regency Play Costume | Sense & Sensibility Patterns Regency Play Costume | Sense & Sensibility Patterns


Hello Jennie,

Thanks a million for the fabulous patterns. I made two chemises, sets of stays (huge amount of work) and dresses for my show, ‘Loving Burns’..a play about the women of Robert Burns the poet. Enclosed are two pics of the frocks (I made the caps too). I made that lot from 29th Dec to 10th Jan. I haven’t worked so hard for a long time! I’m the one with the pale dress…it’s a light cotton with a lovely golden sheen on the surface…not strictly period but worked with the lights. I flat-lined it in muslin. I made the other one in a polyester taffetta (black shot with orange hence the fabulous tones). Hope you like them. Thanks again, Alicia

Oh, those gorgeous fabrics! Stunning work, too….

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