Sense & Sensibility Patterns accepts both banner and text links, all subject to this linking policy. has been in business since 1998, and we receive 1.2 million hits from 185,000 unique visitors per month. The pages in our Links section are accessed 2,500 times each per week on average.

If you use Google analytics, then you know that search engine optimization is prime for generating more hits. If you want to go up in the search engine rankings, it helps to piggy-back on sites that are already well established and have high traffic. When your URL appears on a well-established site, your link registers a new hit any time the page is loaded, so you get more traffic and go up in the rankings. Advertising with Sense & Sensibility is one way to draw more visitors to your site and help you go up in the search engine indexes!

If you’d like to advertise with us, please consult the rates and guidelines below, then contact Jennie through the Contact Form. Thanks!

Ad Rates and Guidelines

  • 460×80 banner ad placed on the front page of the Links section for three months is $350 or $1200 per year.
  • Placement of the banner on sub-pages within the links section is $150 per page (and your link will be targeted to the most appropriate page or pages).
  • Banner links must be child-friendly to reach a broad audience, since my site is totally clean and passes all of Google’s filters — so I do check the meta tags for any site I link through to and screen all sites for content prior to approving any ads. All images must also be appropriate.
  • I also offer a “skyscraper” ad in my monthly e-newsletter for $200. As of November 2008, I have 1500 subscribers to my e-newsletter with a 50% open rate and a 75% click-through rate. Do note that I am very particular about the ads I run in my e-newsletter. I will not place an ad for something I do not completely love and want to pass along to my subscribers!
  • All links to historical assocations or non-profit groups are free. We love to promote what you’re doing!

YES!love to barter for ads! If you have a product or service you think I’d enjoy, let’s talk about a trade!

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