Ca. 1910 Photo of a Young Woman in a Suit


I just love this circa 1910 photo of a young woman in a suit with her new puppies. The mother dog is lying down, and the the little pups are nursing. The girl has a picnic basket at her feet, and you can make out an automobile with a crankshaft on the front in the background. Isn’t that a great expression on the young lady’s face? Love her hat, too. Note the hatpin stuck through the crown. Read more…

1910 Hairstyles from The People’s Home Journal


1910 hairstyles from The People's Home Journal

Look at these 1910 hairstyles! All four of these came from the same issue of The People’s Home Journal of 1910. The article which accompanied the photos noted that coronets of braids were back in fashion, as were “high Josephine curls” a la’ the French Empire (English Regency). If you didn’t have masses of hair, the article recommended some good sources for “tails,” or human hair pieces matched to the wearer’s hair color! Read more…