This Regency gown was inspired by the Alice in Wonderland story and also by Tim Burton’s signature director style and mood. Thus the black and white stripes came into play. The gown is created with a lovely white embroidered cotton fabric that is fully lined and accented with a black and white striped cotton. I also added my Alice-inspired gloves to complete the look, those are made from an organic knit fabric. For an added bit of fun, I painted words from the “Jabberwocky Poem” from “Through the Looking Glass” by Lewis Carol onto the front of the gown. It created a fun style to a more simple dress shape I think.

I used the Sense and Sensibility pattern for the bodice and altered it by lowering the waistline 2 inches. I then use the Sense and Sensibility puffed sleeve pattern and made it a couple inches wider to make a fuller sleeve shape at the top. I created the skirt pattern and upper sleeve band pattern by drafting it to the measurements I wanted. We decided to finish off the look with a black satin sash.  Special thanks to my cousin for modeling the gown for me.  We had fun with this photo shoot. You can view more pictures of this at my website if you like.

Thanks for looking!

This is SO creative, Brielle! I am really impressed by all the details and “Alice” effects. Thank you for sharing your work. Beautiful, and I can tell you had a blast!

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