My mom found the flowered main fabric for this dress on sale at a store and my sister Susanna really loved it. My mom bought it for her with the idea that I would sew a dress for her out of it, since I am currently the main seamstress of the family. Unfortunately, there were only about two yards left of the fabric, and I was doubtful that my sister could get anything but a skirt out of it. My mom thought of the 1912 Kimono dress pattern, however, and thought that we could use the fabric for the bodice and overskirt.

We purchased the pattern and began looking for fabric for the underskirt and lining. That was quite a challenge! The fabric was really hard to match, and after looking at several stores for the right fabric, I began to wonder if we could ever find the right fabric. At last we chanced upon some polyester fabric at Hancock Fabrics that worked perfectly! The right side was too glitzy, so we used the wrong side of the fabric, which resembled silk, for the underskirt.

When we got to cutting out the dress, it took all my creative sewing skill and my mom’s careful calculations to get the overskirt and bodice to fit on the fabric. After patient pinning and re-pinning, we got it to work–and sighed in relief!

Sewing the dress wasn’t too difficult, and it turned out pretty well. My sister loves the finished product.
Thank you, Sensibility Patterns, for such a beautiful pattern!

Rachel R

WOW! I am bowled over by this beautiful use of “leftover” material for such a gorgeous creation. The final result is utterly charming. Great work, Rachel!

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