Rene's Regency Day Dress Rene's Regency Day Dress

Rene's Regency Day Dress

Hello Mrs. Chancey,

I made this dress to wear for the 400th anniversary celebration in Jamestown. It had such a feminine, graceful feel as well as adding to the remembrance of a past era! It is very comfortable for walking, yet feels very tailored since the gathers are all in the back. I totally love the way the skirt fits and feels! I loved the idea of wearing a historical dress–but one that is more practical for everyday wear as well–and hope to make another one soon.This is the gathered bodice version, and I hope to try the other Regency styles sometime. My mother and I ended up needing to make a bow for the back to hide a mistake, but it all blended in nicely. I also made the underskirt separately, like a slip, because of my mistake on the back closure; it seemed to work very well, though it may not have been authentic:-) And for that event, I tried to arrange my hair as you have described, with a ribbon in it. Thank you, Mrs. Chancey, for designing all of these patterns!

~ Renée D.

Beautiful work, Renee! I love the complementary fabrics and the colors–very Regency!

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