Bib-front Regency Maternity Gown Bib-front Regency Maternity Gown closeup Side view of Bib Front Regency Maternity Gown Back view of Regency Maternity Gown


Lisa helped her sister create this drop-front version of the Regency Gown from my pattern and writes,

I completely fell in love with your drop-front adaptation, and I have two dresses all most finished for myself. The fun one is one I helped my sister draft out, and she sewed it to wear to her brother-in-law’s wedding. You see, she is 9 months with child, and so we drafted out the dress for a maternity gown. It is completely darling. I found the material at Wal-mart, believe it or not, at the $2.00-per-yard section, It is a medium weight linen-look cotton print. In the pictures there does appear to be a pucker on the bib part, but in person it is not really as prominent as the pictures make it appear. ~ Lisa S.

Isn’t this just darling?

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