DotGown Regency dress

This is my new Spencer, which I’m wearing with the Regency gown. The Spencer is made of a polished cotton that has a black-on-black floral print. I think it almost passes for a silk taffetta. Almost. I’m especially pleased with the way the pleated frill at the neckline and cuffs turned out. Whenever I watch period dramas, it always seems to me that it’s the little individualistic details that make the best costumes stand out, and I’m determined to be as inventive as I can in my own projects. I’m extremely new to sewing, but I’m creative and patient in general, so I can usually produce whatever I think up eventually! The second picture is a back view of my Regency gown. Again, just some cheap cotton from JoAnn’s, but in this case, my special detail is the boned-and-laced back closure. I thought it would be a little easier to do up on my own than a row of buttons. It is, plus it’s pretty! I just borrowed the eyelets and boning instructions from the short stays pattern. Voila! Thanks, Jennie—I think your patterns really do allow for so much creativity, and for a newbie like me, a minimum of discouragement and frustration! ~ Rebecca B.

I absolutely love your attention to detail, Rebecca! The trimming, the lace-up closure, the fit — all is just spot-on for this time period. Well done! No one would ever guess you are a new to sewing.

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