My niece, Neko, loves dresses and has fairly expensive taste. It is a good thing her auntie can sew. I had lucked out last year and found 10 yards of green taffeta for just $1.00 a yard. I bought all of it just waiting for the right pattern to come along, so when I came across the 1780s Portrait Dress Pattern I couldn’t wait to make her a dress for the Holiday’s. I have made her 2 dresses from the pattern. One in green taffeta, taffeta pleats so beautifully. I also chose a more dainty color palate for the 2nd dress which I made for the Chinese New Year celebrations in Austin, TX. I made a prototype in cotton and fitted to her over Thanksgiving. Doing a prototype was well worth the results. I did add a hidden zipper on both dresses and eliminated the elastic in the neck. Neko is a fairly petite & tall 3 ½ year old. I made a size 4 and really only had to take in 1/2” on either side of the shoulder seam. ~ Jennifer B.

Such a beautiful dress, Jennifer! Neko is lucky to have you as her auntie. 🙂

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