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This is my first attempt at a Regency dress. My 3rd daughter has wanted one for a while and she asked for one for her 8th grade graduation celebration at school. I had the Simplicity version of the pattern, but I also followed the instructions here on the site for some parts of the sewing process. There were some troubles, first with sizing, and then with the rayon fabric. I think it would have worked better with a sturdier fabric. But in the end I managed to finish it – complete with hand-made buttonholes and she loved it. I will definitely be making more of these dresses for my daughters – they are all Jane Austen fans. ~ Natalija

What a fabulous first effort! The sizing issues are a Simplicity thing (I do apologize!). I’ve got a list of differences between Simplicity’s version and mine at THIS LINK. But no one would ever guess you’d never made a Regency gown before. This is exquisite! Beautifully done, and your daughter just glows!

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