Natalie's 1909 "Beatrix" Skirt | Sense & Sensibility Patterns Natalie's 1909 "Beatrix" Skirt | Sense & Sensibility Patterns


My goodness, I started this skirt November 30th, but finally it’s wearable. Am quite happy with it…the drape is lovely and oooh, it’s fun to wear. It’s made of a pretty worsted wool plaid in a soft green with red and yellow accents and blue undertones. I chose the trained version, and also opted for the boned high waist. The skirt is hemmed as close to the length of similar examples shown in a 1910 Ladies Home Journal (thank you, Carol!), where the illustration of a nice suit shows the model’s shoe tips just peeking out in front, and a light train in back. I am wearing shoes with a 1.5 inch Louis heel, shoes of a type as close as I can get to 1909 in my (midget) price range. The skirt lovely to walk in: it swishes quietly and romantically. I have a double-flounced petticoat on underneath that comes to the shoe tops. It keeps the skirt from wrapping around my legs, and the train also helps when I walk. However, it’s so true that you must lift your skirts to climb stairs or step outside, and I found that the white petticoat would peep out when I lifted the skirt. Perhaps ladies of the day preferred black petticoats for a more modest effect? It would be nice to have a skirt lifter to attach a belt so that my hands would be free. I love the boned waist. It’s made with a facing, and the bones are attached to the seams under it. The result is so nicely low-bulk! Thank you, Jennie, for such an adaptable, lovely pattern! Now on to the Beatrix shirtwaist.

Very best to all,

This is the loveliest “Beatrix” Skirt I’ve yet seen from my pattern. I adore the dark plaid and the train. Wonderful work!

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