My husband and I dressed up for a Hallowe’en dance this year as Miss Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. We were supposed to be dressed as a matching couple and I was surprised when my husband agreed to be “Mr. Darcy.”

We had a great night – we ran out of time getting the costumes ready, so I was missing my petticoat and needed to wear a slip (I did have the short stays and chemise) and my husband had to wear regular pants and a short top hat. All in all we felt wonderful and I had great posture in my stays for the evening!

I had the embroidered fabric for my gown for several years, but from the moment I saw it I thought of this dress. I used cotton muslin for the lining. I found some lovely little leather ballet-style moccasins to match my dress as well.

Denise W.

Absolutely charming! Your dress is beautiful (I love embroidered white material, too), and your husband looks dashing as Mr. Darcy. Fantastic!

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