I tried your pattern out last week and was so pleased with the beautiful results! The finished product looks complex and very detailed but it went together with ease. I wore the dress to church this past sabbath then out to dinner afterward with my family. The fit was wonderful throughout, though I need to do some tweaking on the sleeves. I am enclosing pictures of the finished dress. I made it from a mauve/cream stripe cotton fabric with pink/mauve roses scattered across it along with deep colored floral vines. The under dress is made from a burgundy cotton and has been finished with three rows of deep tucks above the hemline. The bodice is trimmed in mauve piping around the waistline and neckline and finished with a coordinating ribbon. Burgundy buttons finish off the back opening. My husband, mother and grown brothers all thought the dress was gorgeous, and my two children said I looked beautiful in it (my 7-yr-old daughter wants one just like it)! Thank you for such a wonderful line of patterns. I’ll be looking forward to your future designs!

Michelle N.

Simply wonderful work! I hope Michelle will share photos of her daughter’s dress in the future!

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