Hi! I wanted to write to you and send you some photos of a Regency dress I just made. I didn’t know how to sew at all (I sewed a pillow once in 8th grade home economics class, but that was over ten years ago), but I decided to go ahead and order your pattern anyway. It was so beautiful! Once I received your pattern, I went to a fabric store and asked the saleslady for some advice on how to start sewing. She told me I was crazy to try a dress like that for my first sewing project. However, I was determined to make this dress, so I bought inexpensive fabric, bought a sewing machine, and taught myself how to sew. I checked your website and looked up directions and definitions on the internet, and I finished the dress after working on it for two weekends. I am thrilled with the result, and now I’m going to make another one! Thank you for your pattern! I can’t wait to wear the dress and show it off 🙂 ~ Michelle T.

It’s always a great joy to hear from beginning seamstresses! I love to see the fruits of their efforts, which prove that anyone can produce a beautiful outfit if she puts her mind to it! Great work, Michelle!

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