Little 1780s flower girl Sweet 1780s Girl

I made this dress out of this beautiful blue taffeta and white cotton lace for my then-eight-year-old niece to wear to a formal wedding. Because of her age and size, finding formal off the rack clothes for her was a nightmare. Nothing we found in the stores was suitable.

I took matters into my own hands and offered to sew her dress, and my niece was ecstatic. She bought the fabric with me and picked the embellishment for her dress and had input in its creation. The dress took me two days to make. It turned out great! She got so many compliments from people. I love this pattern.

Lyra Kristine M.


This is absolutely darling, and I can tell your niece enjoyed helping choose her materials and wearing this gorgeous gown! It really is frustrating to shop for formal dresses (and even regular dresses) for girls 8-14. Sewing for them is often the only way to get something appropriate — but this is just beyond lovely. It’s a girl’s dream come true!

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