Lynn's Regency Crossover Gown

Lynn's Crossover Gown Bodice Lynn's Crossover Gown (Detail)
Lynn's Crossover Gown Side View Lynn's Regency Crossover Bodice Interior

I have posted on my blog the latest dress for a customer (my first!). The crossover bodice is great, and very flexible. All in all, it was a success and she seems very happy with it. She is a pianist and was concerned to have freedom of movement and comfort, and it passed on both cases. She is preparing for a Regency performance of music and readings, so I think will fit in well.

Now I am preparing to have a booth at the Living History Conference here at the end of the month. I hope some of the re-enactors will want a ball gown, or at least think about ordering one, and it should be fun!

Lynn M.

This is wonderful work! Making a gown for a pianist is a real challenge, as it is essential to have freedom to move through the shoulders and arms. Lynn did a fabulous job on the sleeves to create that freedom. This is just a beautiful ballgown!

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    • Thanks, Robin, I’m glad you like my work! I just saw that I could add comments, sorry to be so long in responding. I am about to make another gown for this customer, the drawstring one this time, I’ll post it when it is done.

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