Dear Jennie:

Thanks for your wonderful website and beautiful patterns. Last year I purchased the l9l0’s Tea Gown pattern to make a dress for my son’s wedding. After many drafts and trials on bodice pieces, I completed the gown you see in the pictures. Your kind and prompt help by e-mail was invaluable! I appreciated your service. This dress was just a practice dress for the one I intended to cut from more expensive fabric. I think I probably made this one for less than $l5. I got all the fabric on discount tables. It was a fabric that I think would be called “charmeuse” in a sandy color. I used a low-priced black lace with a little silver thread running through for the bodice inset and underskirt, taking tucks in the skirt near the hem. I lined the dress with a silky silver fabric. I have to admit that I never did construct the dress from more expensive fabric and wore another style for the wedding; but I wore this dress on Easter morning and received numerous compliments that day and each time I wore it afterwards. I also took the completed dress to our county fair and it drew first place in adult clothing construction dress category. I was thrilled. Thank you again for your beautiful patterns and friendly, efficient service to your customers.

Lori Z.

Wow! Isn’t it utterly amazing what you can do with fabric finds from the discount table? Lori is so charming in her tea dress!

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