"Music Man" Costume | Sense & Sensibility Patterns "Music Man" Costumes | Sense & Sensibility Patterns "Music Man" Costumes | Sense & Sensibility Patterns
"Music Man" Costume | Sense & Sensibility Patterns "Music Man" Costume | Sense & Sensibility Patterns


When I found out that the drama department in the school where I teach was doing “The Music Man” as their production for the year, I knew I had to get involved! I had a lengthy collection of patterns from the Edwardian/Titanic/Teens era, including quite a few of the Sense & Sensibility patterns. I knew they would be perfect!

For your viewing pleasure, here is the work that I did using Sense & Sensibility’s patterns. As time went on, I took less and less progress pictures, but the finished products are all there! All images from the show are either from the dress rehearsal or posed, as we were not allowed to photograph the actual performances, so hair and makeup may not be complete. I used:

My first endeavor was to create my ‘Til There Was You’ dress for Marian Paroo to wear at the end of the show. The 1910’s Tea Gown Pattern was the obvious choice. I moved slowly and methodically, wanting to make sure that I did justice to the work I had talked up to the drama teacher! I made a toile first, fitted it on the actress and moved from there, until I had finished the dress!

I was so excited about my first creation that I did many, many more using all the above patterns! Everything went together so smoothly, and I was really happy with absolutely everything! All the girls loved their dresses, and the show looked very authentic!

Not only did I use the regular patterns, I modified them as well – the kimono dress and tea gown took on lives of their own as I got creative with the costumes. ~ Kelly R.

What an amazing labor of love! Kelly worked like a one-woman army to pull this school show together. The kids look great in their costumes, and I know the play was a knock-out success. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story, Kelly!

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  1. We are doing “The Music Man” this year for our high school musical and I just found out that my daughter is going to be Marion. Where can I get patterns for making costumes for this musical. We will need to make a lot of the girls costumes. Can you give me some suggestions?

    Thank you for all your help.

    • Hi, Jill!

      Kelly, who made these costumes, used several of the patterns I sell on this site: The 1910s Tea Gown, the 1912 Kimono Dress, the Beatrix Jacket, and the Beatrix Skirt. Hope this helps! Warmly, Jennie Chancey

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