This is the “tea gown” I made using the 1909 Edwardian Gown pattern. I made it all out of lace and then used a chemise pattern to make an underlining. The idea was that I could make linings in all my favorite colors and thus have a “new” dress every time I wore it. I wore it to the San Diego County Fair this year (it has a 1915 theme going on). But I also wore it to the theater last week. I get tons of looks and compliments. The lace I used was yard sale finds of lace curtains and tablecloths. It really is lovely, if I do say so myself! I did modify the sleeve for a more feminine look but, overall, I thought the pattern was great! With and without a “girdle” (from Past Patterns #8233). I used a Regency chemise pattern for the lining–not strictly Edwardian, of course, but somehow it seemed appropriate. ~ Karen M-L.

This is absolutely gorgeous, Karen! I love the use of the lace curtains and tablecloths. Brava!

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