Jen’s father-in-law gave her some heavenly fabric, and Jen created her breathtaking ballgown. Then she made her cozy pelisse for the winter months. Doesn’t she look smashing? She writes,

I’m very pleased with how the Regency gown and coat that I made with your patterns turned out! For the gown I also made the bodiced petticoat from your instructions, which I think turned out really well. The gown is a lightweight silk that has a little bit of silver sheen, and the cream over-gown I made from fabric my father-in-law brought back from India as a gift (which was very sweet of him!) – I think it’s cotton. Given the weather, I thought I’d make the most of the snow and made a warm raspberry-red wool coat/pelisse with black velvet trims (now I just need a bonnet – I am shockingly bare-headed in these photos 😉 ). Thank you again for making such clear, fun-to-use patterns!

All the best,


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