It has been a while since I ordered the 1910s Tea Gown pattern from you, but I’ve been steadily working on it since the spring and thought I might share the finished product with you. This dress was a great learning challenge for me in a couple respects. I dyed fabric for the first time, using silk chiffon mostly with some silk twill for the sashes. I wanted the colours to be a little more purple than they turned out – they ended up quite pink! But it was a fun experience, and I’m happy with the colours overall. I also had never sewn chiffon before and after hearing how difficult it could be, I took things very slowly. I’m now in love with silk chiffon – it’s like icing sugar or something – one of the most beautiful fabrics I’ve ever used. I also made my very first hat to go with it. The hat is great fun though I kept hitting things (and other ladies) with the huge ‘Titanic’-era brim! I’m so glad I had the chance to learn these techniques, and I’m grateful once again to you for making a pattern that was clear and fun to use while tackling some of these challenges. Here I am wearing the gown for the first time at a picnic my costuming group had at a local historical park this September.

All the very best,
Jennifer G.

I can only gasp in admiration at this utterly stunning gown! I think I have to say this is the most beautiful version of the 1910s Tea Gown I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing!

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