This dress was made from Sense and Sensibility’s 1780’s portrait dress pattern with some fitting alterations.  I added buttonholes and daisy buttons to close the back.  When it came time to mark the tucks and hem, my daughter was so excited about the length and about it being a “Princess” dress!  In the end, instead of adding tucks, I made a very small hem in the back to create a bit of a train, and hemmed it to just ankle length in the front, then added ribbon along the bottom of the skirt and ribbon bows to the sleeves.  I have a wide white satin ribbon sash for this dress as well, but she wasn’t wearing it in these photos.

Thanks so much, Jennie! 🙂
Look at the joy on that sweet girl’s face! This is wonderful work. Those who weren’t “behind the scenes” won’t know the fitting challenges Jennifer had for this tall-for-her-age daughter, so I’ll share. Because her daughter is long in the torso and arms, Jennifer needed to lengthen both the bodice and sleeves for a perfect fit. She didn’t let a couple of “failed” muslins stop her, because she was aiming for that perfect custom fit at the end. I think you’ll agree she got it! Beautiful work, Jennifer!

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