Heather made this beautiful Regency Gown and writes,

Here are the explanations for the pictures of me in my gown. For the back view: Here is full view of the back of the gown. That is my grandmother’s grandmother’s christening shawl (and mine too!). It is more Victorian than Regency but it looked good. First gate photo: This one is just to illustrate: See the buckling of the gown under the bust line? This is one of the signs I look for in the movies to see if they are wearing period correct undergarments. (I have on a stay/corset and a chemise.) Sitting poses: I love this picture. I look like I am a petite ballerina and not the 5’7″, 160lb, DD hourglass that I am. I have not looked that small since I was in elementary school! (It is the little things that make a day nice; don’t you think so?) Thank you for your support and kind comments. I will start a ball gown to wear to JASNA banquet after I finish the film class. There are so many gowns to choose from, I keep changing my mind! Thanks again. ~ Heather S.

Great work, Heather!

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