Subliminally inspired by the Rogers and Hammerstein song, this 1914 Girl’s Easter dress is fashioned in white eyelet with baby blue batiste lining and satin sash. The border eyelet I selected for the project was about 2 yards I had left over from making a smaller sized Girl’s Regency gown.

As I had a limited amount of border portion, I had to be resourceful to incorporate it into the design. I cut the sleeve bands from the very outer scalloped border, the sleeves from the very inner vine-embroidered border, and a strip to trim the bodice front from between these two that I flanked with two 1/2″ tucks. The bodice and skirt pieces I cut on the crosswise. I wish I had thought to take pictures as I went along! It was like putting a puzzle together, delightfully challenging!



I always love seeing Rebecca’s beautiful creations. She founded and ran Baker Lane for many years and continues to sew for herself and others in her “spare” time. Thanks for sharing these, Rebecca!

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