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My daughter wanted something “shabby chic” in nature; but we couldn’t come up with something we liked clothing-wise, so we started thinking of curtains for her room. Then it hit us that what she really needed was a new apron. Her child-size Edwardian apron was quite small and she could hardly tie it anymore. We thought the fabric she chose would make a lovely new Edwardian apron, and decided to vary it up a bit by adding a ruffle so that she could incorporate an additional fabric. She actually sewed quite a bit of it herself! I mostly just did the contrasting bias tape. Using the ladies’ pattern, it’s a bit big; but with as fast as she’s growing right now, that’s a good thing! I thought her choices for fabrics and bias trim made a lovely combination.

Geneece Arnold

Geneece is my Seamstress-in-Residence, so you can see more of her lovely work on her special page. This is really cute. I love the mix-and-match fabrics to get that “shabby chic” look!

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