Exquisite Regency Wedding Gown

Diane's Exquisite Regency Wedding Gown

Exquisite Regency Wedding Gown - Sleeve Detail

Exquisite Regency Wedding Gown - Bodice Back

My name is Diane and I had my wedding this June. I broke a cardinal rule and made my own dress, out of vintage lace overlaying a duchess satin, which was way over my head, but I managed it anyway. The lace was from Timeless Trims; it was about half of what they hand on hand. I looked all over for something that wasn’t nylon or polyester, or so very, very expensive. It’s rayon and silk (burn test!) and hand washed beautifully. Actually, the whole dress is hand-washable–no dry cleaning required! It’s really unique in that it is a big paisley design. It was in her “vintage couture” section. June was very kind and patient and gave me as much information as she could via email before I made the purchase.

The pattern was easy to understand, although it was my first attempt at sewing since I was 10 and under my grandmother’s watchful eye…. I did the whole thing by hand, until it was time to attach the bodice to the skirt–my best friend (the taller bridesmaid in the photo, who is also wearing a dress from this pattern, with a short hem) has a sewing machine and did that for me, as well as making all the wedding party dresses. Anyway, it turned out nicely, and I look forward to making more from your patterns–with a sewing machine and easier fabric!

All photos were taken by Bruce Gardner, a Utah-based photographer.

Many thanks for a great pattern that made me feel unique on a special day!

Diane K.

This Regency wedding gown is exquisitely done. I have never seen such incredibly fine materials used — and most of this hand-stitched! What a special labor of love for a wedding day. Diane is an amazing bride!

Regency bride with her wedding party

15 comments on “Diane’s Regency Wedding Gown”

  1. Oh my this is the wedding dress of my dreams! I love the low cut on the front (if I’m phrasing it the wrong way, it’s because I’m not a native speaker of english). Please tell me where I can find or buy the pattern! What sort of fabrics did you use? I know nothing about sewing or fabrics, so any help is welcome!

    PS, I love the bouquet too, like the flowers were picked that very morning!

    • Hello, Gaby! Diane used the original Regency Gown pattern to make her dress, cutting down the neckline a little bit and making the sleeves more fitted by taking them in. The pattern is available at THIS LINK. Diane lists the fabrics she used in her description. Thanks for asking!

  2. Wow, such kind comments (^^). Thank you Jennie for posting my Show and Tell!! And thank you everyone for your kind words- It took forever to get it together (internet shopping for just the right fabrics and sewing by hand), but it was very simple to get and work with the pattern itself.

    Diane K.

  3. This dress is the most beautiful and unique wedding dress I have ever seen – and very well done for making it yourself so successfully! This is the ultimate inspiration for my own and you look beautiful!

  4. That is such a marvelous wedding dress, and you look wonderful in it! It is actually my best friend’s “dream” to have a regency wedding! I’ll have to show her these pictures for inspiration!

  5. The fabric choices, the color, the pink sash, you… everything about this is beautiful! You did a fantastic job!

  6. I love that dress!
    Unfortunately the link for the pattern doesn’t work anymore. Do you know where I can find and buy it now? It would be a great help.
    Thank you.

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