Hello! It’s been a looong time coming, but I’d like to comment on my first Regency gown ever, made from your pattern, in a turkey red paisley. I had made the gown and worn it for our Regency afternoon gathering last October, but since I am such a procrastinator, I didn’t have enough time to make the chemisette at that time, and because I had lowered the bodice in anticipation of wearing a chemisette beneath, the dress looked a little risqué without it. 🙂 I’m lucky I even got the chemisette done in time for the next Regency gathering I attended. I couldn’t find the material I wanted locally, a 100% cotton lawn or voile, or something similarly light, so I ended up getting a polyester material that I wasn’t happy with. As a result, I put off making the chemisette. The very last day before the dance I found the material…in a thrift store…in the form of a dust ruffle! That’s why the chemisette has a seam down the middle of the back. I also changed the sleeves of the gown a bit to make them flatter because the puffier ones did not look so good on me when I test made the bodice. Also, I attached undersleeves. The sleeves and bodice are bound in piping that I made from your instructions, because I wanted the gown to be of one material but have small special details (also see the buttons on the back). I topped off the gown and chemisette with a bonnet with handmade ribbon flowers and a reticule. This is the first gown I have made, and I’m very pleased with the way this turned out. Thank you for your helpful answers and great pattern! ~ Bonnie

Splendid outfit! Turkey red was very popular during the middle of the Regency, and it’s such a gorgeous color to use for today!

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