Here is an original Civil War era day dress which was sold at auction on eBay. Very pretty brown and blue plaid taffeta with buttons down the front of the bodice.

4 comments on “Plaid Taffeta 1860s Day Dress”

  1. I was browsing on here and found this, and it really drew my attention. At a thrift store this summer I found a dress that’s almost exactly the same. The trim was different and the taffeta was a different color, and slightly different plaid, but otherwise it was the same. It seems very old, but we don’t know if it’s actually from then or not, because it doesn’t seem quite THAT old!

  2. I still have to send you pictures, Mrs. Chancey, but I was thinking about wearing the one I’d found for a Country Dancing ball, though we’re not sure if it’s a good idea. What would your opinion be?

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