Four drop-dead gorgeous ensembles by world-renowned designer, Frederick Worth. These costumes are owned by the Museum of the City of New York. Breathtaking! From left to right: Ballgown, circa 1865, of nougat satin trimmed with tulle, swansdown, crystal beads and glass pearls; visiting Costume, circa 1880, of brown and lavender striped satin trimmed with silk patterned in pastel colors and silk fringe; dinner dress, circa 1891, of primrose yellow and devonshire cream satin with chiffon ruffles (worn by Grace Wilson, who married Cornelius Vanderbilt III in 1896); Summer toilette, circa 1900, of black and white engageantes, black satin trim.

4 comments on “Mid-to-Late Victorian Frederick Worth Gowns”

    • Hi, Katherine! Those are box pleats — dozens of tiny box pleats made of the same fabric. Amazing gown, isn’t it? 🙂

  1. The 1865 ballgown is one of the most beautiful dresses I’ve ever seen – second only to my own wedding dress; and I wish I was tech savy enough to figure out how to post a photo of it.

    The 1880 Victorian Visiting Dress is stunning in its amazing amount of details!

    The 1881 Dinner Dress has a gorgeous hat; and even though I’ve never found a hat that I looked good in, I so wish we still wore them. This primrose yellow one is perfect.

    And finally, can you ever go wrong with black and white. Though the hat… just doesn’t seem to go with it, imho. Needs to be either much bigger or much smaller. Just a thought.

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