Karen Augusta of Antique Fashion.com has graciously allowed me to share some of the photographs she has taken of original garments she has sold in her online shop. Studying original clothing is essential for recreating the correct look of the period, which changed from year to year. Thank you to Karen for sharing her knowledge and her beautiful pictures! Be sure to visit her site for more breathtaking gowns from the 18th-20th centuries!

This is an 1830s Summer Dress of white linen mull with cotton thread embroidery and handmade linen bobbin laces. Karen writes, “This summer gown traces back to the descendants of a prominent Massachusetts family: Rebecca Kingsbury (b. 1713, d. 1807) of West Dedham, MA. The beautiful linen mull fabric has a very fine hand and is worked in the most exquisite embroidery and drawn work. The neckline, sleeves and hem border has a sculptural floral embroidery with needlelace fillings.” This is simply a breathtaking piece of work. And it is amazing how beautifully it has aged!

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