An illustration of women's underpinnings from a 1910 catalog in my collection.
An illustration of women’s underpinnings from a 1910 catalog in my collection. Note in particular the “mono-bosom” brassieres in the upper left and right corners. My favorite, though, is the nursing corset just below the brassiere on the upper right. See how the little flaps unsnap for breasteeding?

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  1. It is quite amazing how we as a society still strive to become thin. In these photos we see the under garments used to help women stay thin. Today we still search for these same answers only now the under garments have become a bit more appealing to the eyes.

    • Too true. I did a lot of Civil War reenacting when I was younger, and one time I had a lady come up to me in a spandex workout suit with her little girl in tow. She proceeded to sniff at my outfit and tell her daughter how women were “slaves” to their figures and “tortured” themselves to be thin and have an ideal shape. I could only smile incredulously, as she looked like she probably spent five days at the gym each week to keep her size 2 shape. Nothing changes!

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