1910 pattern ad for a girls' day dress
1910 pattern ad for ladies' "combinations"

Here are two 1910 pattern ads from a magazine. The first is a girl’s day dress; the second is for “combinations” (underdrawers and corset cover).

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  1. Recently, I was given a photo of my grandmother on her first date. It was 1910, and she was 16. I looked for a pic of her style on the internet and came across this one. https://sensibility.com/resources/vintage-images/1910-pattern-ads/

    Grandma is dressed just like the top sketch (the day dress), from the top of her head to her waist. The photo didn’t show below her waist. The bow behind her head is white, with a black band in front. Her hair is done like the sketch. And what I can see of her dress is made out of eyelet lace. Of course, she is wearing a locket, with a photo of the young man inside.

  2. We also have a old family picture similar to the day dress. I have always wondered about how the gathers are done. They look like the garment is gathered on 1/4″ cording. The picture of the dress from my husband’s family has that gathering all the way down the skirt.

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