1910 Afternoon Frocks
Here is an illustration of two ladies in afternoon frocks from a 1910 issue of The Lady’s Magazine. Note the extra wide hat crowns, made especially to accommodate the “Gibson Girl” hairstyles of the period.

4 comments on “1910 Afternoon Frocks from The Lady’s Magazine”

  1. I am antique collector and have decided I would like to include two ladies dresses, afternoon type in the era 1910-1920. where may I purchase them with manaquin. what would be the approximate price?

    • Hello, Robert!

      I am not a vintage clothing dealer, but I have links to a lot of them and there are more on eBay. I recommend shopping around, because there are so many beautiful gowns from this time period–and you can often find vintage display mannequins on eBay as well!

      Warm regards,
      Jennie Chancey

  2. Do you know where I can get a pattern for a similar bodice? These bodices are quite similar to the one on a 1909 wedding dress I bought that I woulde like to recreate. I can copy the skirt pattern myself and get that to match exactly, but I am intimidated by the bodice!

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