Updated December 9, 2000 ā€“ Newest images and info are at the top.

December 9, 2000: These pictures have been graciously shared by Kimberly, who has her own site up at this link. Kimberly has collected almost all of the Peterman outfits, and her own site includes more information on these fantastic creations. šŸ™‚ The dress at the top was a mystery for a while, but another collector has verified that it was designed for “Titanic” and appeared on Rose in a scene that was later cut from the film. What a rarity! [Please note that all of Kimberly’s photographs are copyrighted. Please do not download or use without her permission. Thank you!]

October 6, 2000: I still haven’t heard anything about Peterman offering “Titanic” outfits again, but I can’t imagine they’ll quit producing them altogether, in spite of the fact that the company has been bought out by Paul Harris. We’ll just have to wait and see!
In the meantime, Kay has been kind enough to share pictures of her friend, Donna, in her Peterman boarding suit reproduction. Donna made her gloves, the bow on her hat and even created her matching parasol from an umbrella!

One more note: Vintage Griffin is selling a limited number of Peterman reproductions. Even if you’re not interested in buying, be sure to take a peek at the site for the wonderful photographs!

July 20, 1999: Word from J. Peterman is that they’ll be back on track by next Spring. Right now, there is a notice on their website that they are looking for a new buyer to do all their product selection. They should have a catalogue out again next year. Don’t know if the “Titanic” gowns will still be in it, but I’d bet on it, since they were such a hit last year.

May 15, 1999: Conflicting reports in the press make it difficult to know just what will become of J. Peterman, but I do know they are keeping the retail stores open and still selling the “Titanic” outfits. If you live near San Francisco; Louisville, Kentucky; or New York City, be sure to check out the store for deals!

March 1, 1999: News about J. Peterman’s bankruptcy has everyone wondering if the “Titanic” recreations will be available for long. According to the Associated Press, the company has accepted a loan and will not be laying off workers or discontinuing sales. It will try to focus on maintaining the retail stores it has opened already. An apparently “soft” holiday season is what caused Peterman’s sales to slump, bringing on their filing for Chapter 11. Keep your eyes peeled for possible clearance sales at the retail stores, though!

November 18, 1998: J. Peterman’s Christmas catalogue is out, and it is droolworthy! Be sure to order your copy from them by visiting their website at http://www.jpeterman.com. (Note: I make no commission for recommending Peterman–I just think it’s a wonderful company.) Click on the thumbnails below for larger images. (All images are copyright 1998 J. Peterman Company. All rights reserved.)

June 17, 1998: I recently received an e-mail from a gal who works in marketing at J. Peterman. She had some great information about upcoming Peterman offerings, including the much-anticipated “Titanic” costume recreations. Here is part of her note:

“We have signed a deal with a couple of movie industry leaders to market apparel and accessories as we made such a splash (sorry for the pun) with ‘Titanic’ props and clothing items (like the real ‘jump dress’ at $35,000.00). Look for the first edition of the J. Peterman Hollywood One catalog out on September 10. We will be selling the jump dress, with all the furbelows, for around $2,400.00. A second edition of the catalogue will be out on November 5.”

February 12, 1998: I’ve heard from two ladies that J. Peterman is offering the “flying” dress and the “swim” dress, but not through their catalogue. These outfits are only available at Peterman retail stores (you can get a listing of store locations at the J. Peterman Homepage. Reviews of the two outfits have been ecstatic thus far, and I just received photos of three of the outfits from Jamie, who was kind enough to share! Click on the thumbnails below to enjoy views of the “swim,” “flying” and white “dinner” dresses (the latter of which Peterman calls its “Crystal Gown”).

Here is Peterman’s version of the “swim” dress. It is quite a bit shorter than what was seen on film and is missing the train entirely. Jamie plans to make a chiffon underskirt to add the length.

Here is the “flying” dress, done to the hilt with all the lapel embroidery, side tassels and skirt draping. The lace inset is actually a camisole, which is sold separately. The photos on the bottom show Jamie wearing the outfit two different ways. On the left, she has done up the hooks and eyes the way Peterman made them to close, which does not look like the film gown. On the right, she has left the hook and eye closure open, revealing more of the lace camisole and getting closer to what was seen in the film. The main difference between this recreation and the original is that the cuffs have been simplified and the skirt draping effect moved from the center front to the side back. It is certainly a beautiful piece, though!

Here is the extravangantly beaded “crystal gown” in all of its glory. It is truly a breathtaking piece and faitfully copied from the film gown. Jamie is also wearing the matching beaded shoes. Stunning in every way!

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