The ladies on the home front in WWII were fighting just as surely as the men overseas with their Victory gardens and cheerful rationing, rubber and steel drives, and USO work. Here’s an authentic hat patterned after one of the many styles they would have worn. You can make the “Homefront Hat”  in an hour. It’s comfortable to pull on when you run out to the store; demure yet stylish with the easy-to-customize embellishments. Study 1940s photos for inspiration!

The hat works up quickly with this beginner-level pattern, in a worsted weight olive green wool yarn true to the fashions of the day, which, in their patriotism, often reflected WWII uniforms. Since you can make two of these one-size-fits-all hats from one 3.5oz skein, it’s an economical gift idea and a great help for saving money on your Swing Era costumes! Work the hat in the round with just a few basic stitches; do a bit of effortless brim shaping, then gather the front with a little binding. Instructions include shaping details and hints for the best results. Skill level: easy. Designed by Kristen Stoltzfus just for Sense & Sensibility customers.

Note for European and Australian customers: Some crocheting terms are different from the US. Thanks to customer Antonia L, who shared a great link to translate terms from American to British (also used in AUS): 

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