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I have scaled down my ladies’ Regency Era patterns to fit the lovely half-scale display mannequins available from Truly Victorian! The scaled down ladies’ size 12 is a perfect fit for the dressform, and sewing up miniature garments for display is really enjoyable. The pattern also works for half-scale lady dolls.

This demi-ePattern includes all the options in the ladies’ pattern, including short and long sleeves. Thank you to customer Andrea T. for sharing the photos of her gorgeously outfitted doll!

22 comments on “Regency Gown Demi ePattern for 1/2-Scale Mannequins & Dolls”

  1. I am new to this website, and came across it through a google search.

    Where did you buy your half scale dress form from? I really would like to buy a black one like this. Could you please e-mail me the website? I have been looking for a 1/2 scale like this for months.

  2. Mrs. Chancey,

    I was wondering if it was possible to get epatterns of your gowns and scale them down to fit the demi-mannequin. I have one and was wondering if it were possinble to just scale the normal-sized e-patterns down myself (like perhaps shrink them 50% before printing?) and use them on my mannequin?

    • Hi, Alexandra! yes, you can print them at 50%. The only difficulty is that each individual sheet in the ePattern shrinks, which means you get 20-35 sheets of paper with the 1/2-scale pieces instead of 5-15. The demi-patterns are already scaled to fit on fewer pages. 🙂

    • Hi, Ali! This pattern is only sized for the 1/2-sized dressform. If you’re looking for the ladies’ Regency Gown pattern, it is available in sizes 6-18, plus an 18-26 supplement. Be sure to check the measurement chart, as pattern sizes aren’t the same as off-the-rack. Thanks!

  3. Hi,
    I’m sort of not understanding the sizing down so I will just ask my question.I have dolls that are fashion dolls 23″ tall BJDs(ball joint dolls) and I like the patterns on this site What I am wondering is it possible to get the patterns and shrink them down to fit my dolls ? I love the Regency Era and the 50’s era. I don’t have a website but I would like to sell designs OOAKs and even the patters link back to you.

    • Hi, Brenda! The demi-patterns have already been sized down to fit half-scale mannequins and dolls. You just cut along the Size 12 line to make the outfits. Any of my other ePatterns can also be scaled down to fit these dolls by printing at 50% instead of 100% and using the Size 12. Hope this helps! Warmly, Jennie

  4. I am looking for a historic christening gown pattern, and even some baby clothes. I really love the Regency era, but would appreciate whatever you can point me to. Thank You! (And now I think I will go watch “Persuasion”)

    • Hi, Laura! Hope you enjoyed “Persuasion” — that is a huge favorite in this house! The closest thing I’ve seen to “historic” Christening gown patterns are in Martha Pullen’s magazines and books. She has lots of exquisite, heirloom baby gowns with tucks, lace, embroidery, etc. If you want something simpler, then the Girls’ Regency Dress pattern size 1 can be taken in for a little baby and the skirt lengthened to make a Christening gown. Then you can add embellishments like tucks and lace to make it extra special. Happy sewing!

  5. I am very excited to find these patterns. I make reproduction porcelain dolls and I have wanted to make a regency style fashion doll for ages. I have just found just the right doll to make and I think your patterns will suit perfectly.

  6. I just found out about your patterns. I have a BJD that is close to half scale. Taller, 38 inches tall, but a long neck so is actually a bit shorter, and wears a “12” since measurements are close to. I have a PGM dress form half scale size 6 and it seems to work fairly well. I am looking forward to trying one or two of your patterns!

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