Prefer to shop offline? We still have a few hundred copies of the 2005 catalog in stock–good while supplies last! This catalog is crammed with color photos of most of the patterns you see on my site — the Regency Underthings, the Elegant Lady’s Closet, the “Beatrix” Shirtwaist and 1950s patterns were introduced after this catalogue was published, but all the others are included.

6 comments on “Print Catalog”

  1. You have a lovely web site and your “models” are beautiful and elegant – I imagine Beatrix Potter and Emily Bronte inviting them for tea. šŸ™‚

  2. any chance you might be updating this catalog? I’d love to get an updated version with all the patterns included.

    • No plans to do another print catalogue, as it just isn’t cost effective (and we’re still using the first print run from four years ago!). Instead, I hope to create a free, downloadable, full-color PDF eCatalog that folks can print out at home and I can update whenever there are new items to add. We’ll see if I can get the time to create it! šŸ˜‰

    • Hi, Vicki! No, that project really fell off the back burner, as it is extremely time-consuming to put together a PDF file that won’t kill connections on the download end (full-color images just make an extremely large PDF). Until I can figure out a way to reduce image size without compromising quality, I’ve just had to shelve that option. But thanks for the reminder that there are still people interested in an eCatalog!

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