This Dollar Download includes two fun features. The first, entitled, “When Buying New Frocks” (ca. 1907-8) is jam-packed with advice for the Edwardian woman seeking to build an appropriate wardrobe on a reasonable budget:

To the average woman, getting a new gown is more or less of a serious matter. There are so many things to consider outside of one’s individual preference as to style and colour. With a limited amount of money to spend, it is imperative to avoid extremes in style, for the majority of women cannot have an expensive new gown with each change of the season….

Another short feature, “Fashions for Women of Varied Tastes” (ca. 1909) has also been included and has lots of fun advice for appropriate clothes for many occasions. Fun!

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    • Glad you like it, Tanya! The first one is a tad bit earlier than the second. You can tell by the illustration style, which changed in the late Edwardian period, and by the bodices. Notice that the gowns in the first feature still have that slight “pouter pigeon” bust and S-bend shape, which was completely gone by 1910. So I’d date it around 1907-8. Hope this helps!

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