The “Among My Souvenirs Brooch” is the perfect touch to your period outfit. It was a very necessary article of jewelry throughout the 1800s and early 1900s, both to add feminine embellishment and to keep those beautiful lace collars and ruffled jabots in place! It spans many eras, and you can even do a modern adaptation by pinning it to a lapel, a hat, handbag, or scarf. A simple thread oval with a dainty scalloped edging takes less than an hour to make, then with a handful of vintage buttons, jewelry, beads, rosettes, lace bows, or whatever strikes your fancy, you can personalize it and turn out your own unique accessory! Add a pin back and it’s ready to wear. It’s so fun to decorate, you may find it necessary to make more than one using different themes and colors! The model uses a small hook and ecru size 10 thread, but you can do it in black, dusty blue, or rose for an equally period correct brooch. You can even use it as a backing for a smaller oval pin. Skill level: low intermediate. Designed by Kristen Stoltzfus exclusively for Sense & Sensibility customers. Only $1!


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