My Home July 1952 Cover

The same day I nabbed a pile of 1930s magazines, I also managed to get three 1950s treasures as well. This July 1952 issue of My Home contains a delightful number of features, including all of the following:

  • Fashion article “We Take to Beauty,” chock full of style advice and photos
  • A photo essay on “The Royal Family and Their Dogs”
  • Knitting patterns for a jersey suit for toddler boys and men’s striped socks
  • A full-color insert with “trousseau pretties,” a knitting pattern for a lovely bobble stitch cardigan, and a feature on bedroom furnishings
  • Etiquette and home advice
  • Scads of ads that illustrate the era’s styles and accessories

Do note that I have not scanned the entire issue, since, like a lot of these vintage publications, it contains serialized stories that cut off at the end. Without the following issue(s), you have no way of knowing how the story continues and ends, which is very frustrating for an avid reader! I’ve therefore scanned the most relevant features in their entirety

The beauty of an eBook is that, while reading on your computer screen, you can enlarge the page to whatever scale you want in Adobe Reader, and you can also print out the magazine (or portions thereof) if you prefer a hard copy. I hope you’ll enjoy reading and learning from all the knowledge contained in this vintage magazine. I’m so happy to be able to add it to my favorites!

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