Vintage Images

1850s Day Dress


Here is a wonderful photograph that demonstrates the transition between the 1840s and early 1850s. The short-waisted bodice and stitched-down sleeves with the puffy “bells” above the cuff are typically 1840s. The main difference is in the width of the skirt, which places the gown in the 1850s. Perhaps this lady just kept the old-fashioned […] Read more…

Pride & Prejudice (1995) Film Costumes


Left: One of Elizabeth Bennet’s beautiful Spencer jackets from the recent A&E “Pride and Prejudice” miniseries. This one features nice sleeve details with “toothed” sleeve caps. Center: Three Bennet sisters show off their ballgowns. Notice the crossover front on the far right gown and the lovely gathered bodice front on the center gown. Right: Two […] Read more…