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Adorable 1950s Party Dress


Adorable 1950s Teens' Party Dress

I thought I’d show off this wonderful 1950s party dress she sold on eBay. I wish I’d had a chance to snag it before it was sold, because I’d have loved to make a pattern from it! I’m still filing it away in my mental cabinet for future inspiration, you can be sure! This reminds me very much of “Liesl’s” party dress in the 1964 film, “Sound of Music.” Read more…

Stunning Edwardian Dress


Stunning Edwardian dress from Vintage Textile

Isn’t this the most stunning Edwardian dress? This confection of a dress was sold by Vintage Textile. I’d never seen a dress with a large floral print like this from this time period, but I really like it. From a distance, the effect is one of a soft pink blush. It is only on up-close examination that you see the flowers. Breathtaking! Can’t you just picture afternoon tea on the lawn beneath the shady oak? Love it! Read more…